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Info of you get to Helsingborg and Bayside Festival

You travel easy to Helsingborg and Bayside Festival via train, aviation, ferry, bus or car. Info about these different forms of travel are listed below.


* A train between Stockholm and Helsingborg takes around 6,5 hours.

* A train between Gothenburg and Helsingborg takes around 1,5 hours.

* A train between Malmö/Copenhagen and Helsingborg takes around 1 hour.

* "Helsingborg C / Knutpunkten" is the station closest to the festival area at Olympia Park and Helsingborg city centre.

* The festival area is located a 10 min walk from "Helsingborg C / Knutpunkten" train station

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* A flight from Stockholm to Helsingborg/Ängelholm takes an hour.

* Helsingborg/Ängelholm Airport is located 30 minutes with car from Helsingborg city centre and the festival area.

* Malmö Airport and Kastrup/Copenhagen Airport are also within an hour by car.

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Fly Bra


* It takes around 30 minutes by ferry from Helsingör in Danmark to Helsingborg.

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* It takes around 6-7 hours with bus from Stockholm to Helsingborg.

* It takes around 3 hours with bus from Gothenburg to Helsingborg.

* It takes around 1,5 hours with bus from Malmö/Copenhagen to Helsingborg.

* The bus station "Helsingborg C / Knutpunkten" is in the city centre.

* If you take a local bus to the festival area at Olympia Park, use city bus number 6 to bus stop "Olympia Park". You can also use regional buses (number 220, 230, 506, 520). Use the Skånetrafiken app to guide you right.

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* It takes around 6-8 hours by car from Stockholm to Helsingborg.

* Use the GPS address "Mellersta Stenbocksgatan 14" in Helsingborg if your going to the festival area at Olympia Park.