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About Bayside Festival

The story of Bayside Festival and its history

Bayside Festival 2019 was a massive success. Over 18 000 visitors across two days (9500 on Saturday July 13th and 8500 on Friday July 12th), excellent weather and world class artist performances. The visitors experienced wake board, beach volley and swam with flamingos during the festival's Day Party. Local artists painted beautiful artwork on the walls of Art Valley.

During the festival nights, the visitors experienced many memorable moments. American superstar Macklemore put on a masterclass performance and showed why he was the main headliner. The Swedish queen of pop Veronica Maggio got the audience to sing a long all the way over to Denmark.
It is the producers behind Brännbollsyran who also produce Bayside Festival and the result from the first year exceeded all expectations. The festival goers has all right to have high expectations of Bayside Festival 2023.

The date for Bayside Festival 2023 is set to July 14-15. The location is Olympia Park in Helsingborg.

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